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North Africa

Union Maghrébine et Nord Africaine des Agriculteurs (UMNAGRI) is a regional professional organization established in 1989. Its membership includes seven national FOs in North African countries – Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia.

UMNAGRI aims to engrain team spirit among FOs in the region towards the consolidation of cooperation and coordination of efforts and action programmes in light of regional and international economic developments related to agriculture. UMNAGRI supports the intensification of intra-regional cooperation to address the challenges facing the agricultural sector in the region.

According to its strategic plan (2015 - 2017) the organisation has the following four strategic objectives:

   - To strenghten the institutional and organisational capacities of the UMNAGRI and their members;

   - To create a regional agriculture observatory;

   - To improve the quality and productivity of agricultural products;

   - To put in place a strategy for the commercialisation of agricultural products.

The UMNAGRI has the following functions:

   - To represent its members to regional and international organizations;

   - To work in coordination with member organizations to defend their interests and those of their members, ensuring the adoptio of common policies in the agricultural sector;

   - To work in order to open markets between the countries of member organizations, and the removal of barriers and the Customs duties;

   - To support the exchange of skills and human resources among members;

   - To encourage scientific research and employment opportunities in agriculture, aiming to develop this sector;

   - To promote investment between the countries of member organizations and facilitating communication and exchange of successful experiences among all structures related to agricultural development;

   - To encourage the sharing of skills and information technology and the development of communications both internally and externally.

The table below shows the national members of the UMNAGRI.

National members of UMNAGRI


Union Nationale des Paysans Algériens (UNPA)


Central Agricultural Cooperative Union (CACU)


Syndicat Général des Agriculteurs et Eleveurs Libyens


Fédération Mauritanienne de l’Agriculture


Union Marocaine de l’Agriculture (UMA)


Sudanese Farmers General Union (SFGU)


Union Tunisienne de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche (UTAP)