Third supervision mission of SFOAP in the PROPAC AREA

The 3rd mission of supervision of the SFOAP in zone PROPAC took place between May 23rd on June 07th, 2012, led by the representatives of the IFAD, officials  of PROPAC,  supported by an independent consultant.

This mission had 2 objectives:

- To Make an critical review of the implementation  modalities  of the SFOAP

- To provide possible support has the implementation of the activities of the programme.


Globally the mission notes that the PROPAC helped the national platforms to develop their working program by taking into account national the national  frameworks in which they operate . The mission also adds that the AWPB of 2011 strengthens the previous  activities and budgets  of 8 platforms. Then it have been noticed that the delayed provision of funds has  caused  the realization of the  main part of 2011 AWPB in 2012.


The monitoring   on three points having held attention of the supervisors:


1) The strengthening of the national platforms: at this level, the SFOAP contributed to the strengthening of the national platforms by taking charge of the salaries of technical staffs (accountant, program officer ) but also the expenses of equipment and functioning.

It also  made activities supporting the development of the internal democracy within platforms, by   organising sessions of the statutory organs, the trainings of the elected representatives in term of management and governance.


2) From the point of view of the activities of advocacy,  the mission want to emphasize on advances among which:

the realization of studies, at the regional and  national levels,  in various themes (access to land, the market organization etc.) leading to the drafting the writing of documents advocacy;  

- The effective participation of some national platforms to  the agricultural elaboration of guidance laws

- The organization by the PROPAC of regional meetings for the planning of the second phase of the SFOAP.

3) Regarding communication, difficulties were noticed in it domains:

The mission regretted a lack of fluidity(flow) in the traffic(circulation) of the information between the various entities and it in spite of 5 communication plans realize within platforms. So the mission deeply recommends the elaboration of a strategy and an operational plan of communication before the starting up of the second phase of the SFOAP.



Document type: Programme Documents
Region: Central Africa
Year of Publication: 2012