2nd supervision mission of SFOAP in ROPPA area

A team led by an Ifad officer  and comprised of an independent consultant and the Director of  Inter-Réseaux proceeded to the 2nd mission of supervision of the SFOAP.

Besides the double objective which was to make a critical review of the arrangements  of SFOAP implementation in the sub-region and to supply a possible support in the implementation of its activities within the framework of the program, the mission also aimed at assuring a better integration between the farmer’s associations, the interprofessionals organisations, the umbrella organisation, and the projects financed by the IFAD as well as the IFAD country programs.

To carry out this mission visited the national platforms in Mali ( CNOP, AOPP ) and Burkina Faso. During this tour, it had made field visits to the ‘’Federation des producteurs de bananes du Mali’’ et the ‘’ Federation des éléveurs du Burkina Faso’’

Interesting results were established, in particular in a way of a  better implication of the farmer’s organisations and their national platforms in the dialogues on the farming sector

However it was noticed  uneven works executions  which could cause a failure to respect the terms of the projected calendar.

The mission noticed that ROPPA filled very well its political dialogue and joint mandate  as the regional network.  On the other hand, considering  the clear improvement of the management and the team spirit during the past year, it suggested to continue improving the aspects of internal functioning, procedures, accounting , monitoring/ evaluation and management of knowledge.

Document type: Programme Documents
Thematic Areas: Monitoring and Evaluation
Region: West Africa
Year of Publication: 2011