The 2nd supervision mission of SFOAP in PROPAC area

From the 5th  to 19th of  May 2011 took place the second mission of supervision of SFOAP within the PROPAC.

The mission was comprised of 2 independent consultants and  the  permanent Secretary of PROPAC. Its objectives was  to make a critical examination of the modalities of the implementation  of the SFOAP  in the sub-region and to supply a possible support in the implementation of its activities within the framework of the program.

The mission, for that purpose visited 3 three national platforms among which the CNCPRT, the CNOP-CAF and the CNOP-CAM respectively has Ndjamena, Bangui and Yaoundé where  it  went to  the PROPAC headquarters.

The mission underlined improvements of the material conditions of the farmers organizations in term of equipment and human resources. These changes did the leaders become real strengths of negotiations and sources of proposals. So whereas the PROPAC was entitled to a bigger visibility, the national platforms became integrated into the decision-makings of national authorities.

However some difficulties were observed in particular from a communication perspective,  between  between the regional network and the various platforms and also within the national platforms. The mission noticed 3 issues among which:

· The low  wages , causing the departure of the qualified staff

· The slow reactivity of the responsible of the platforms

· The non-existence of a system monitoring/evaluation within the various platforms having repercussions on the activities of follow-up, tale-telling and capitalization

Document type: Programme Documents
Thematic Areas: Monitoring and Evaluation
Region: Central Africa
Year of Publication: 2011