PROPAC: 9 projects being implemented at the national level under Component 3 - Provision of Economic Services

The Component 3 – Provision of Economic Services – of the SFOAP Main Phase is a new element of the programme compared to the pilot phase. Its objective is to support the development of economic activities or services of Farmers’ Organisations (FOs) and thus strengthen their involvement in the value chains. The direct targets of Component 3 are mainly local FOs / member of national FOs, directly involved in economic activities and services to their members. Since the SFOAP is not an investment programme, and the particularity of its approach is to intervene through regional FOs, the component mainly focuses on supporting a limited number of cases / initiatives to analyse them, assess their impact and systematize the experience through the production and dissemination of knowledge.

The implementation of Component 3 in Central Africa is assured by the PROPAC, with the technical assistance from the agri-agency UPA-DI, and it is based on a competitive approach (call for tender).

The identification of possible interventions to be financed under this Component was launched in all countries involved in the SFOAP in Central Africa between 2013 and 2014. The PROPAC’s Commission for the Promotion of Economic Initiatives analysed 44 concept notes and 24 projects proposals. Nine projects were finally selected to receive support from the Programme.

Based on the findings and recommendations from the 2015 SFOAP Mid-Term Review and the outcomes from an IFAD implementation support mission (June 2015), the PROPAC further undertook a more comprehensive field analysis to support the development of consistent business plans and ensure the feasibility and sustainability of the proposed projects.

The nine projects were thus revised and validated by the PROPAC and IFAD and are currently being implemented. Please click on the links below to read the full project documents/business plans.


Project : Projet d’appui à l’amélioration de la productivité et des revenus des petites exploitations avicoles

Involved national FO : Concertation Nationale des Organisations Paysannes au Cameroun (CNOP-CAM)

Involved local FO : Chaîne de Solidarité et d’Appui aux Actions de Développement Durable de la Mefou



Project : Centre de Ressources pour les Organisations Paysannes Agricoles du Cameroun (CROPAC)

Involved national FO : CNOP-CAM


Central African Republic

Project : Importation et commercialisation de poussins d’un jour et des médicaments vétérinaires

Involved national FO : Concertation Nationale des Organisations Paysannes de Centrafrique (CNOP CAF)

Involved local FO : Eleveurs Sans Frontière (ESF)

Partner FOs: Fédération Nationale des Éleveurs Centrafricains (FNEC)



Project : Service de warrantage de céréales dans la région de Hadjer Lamis

Involved national FO : Conseil National de Concertation des Producteurs Ruraux du Tchad (CNCPRT)

Involved local FO : Union Al Moustakhbal


Project : Gestion de l’irrigation, warrantage et approvisionnement collectif d’intrants pour la production vivrière dans le polder Guini

Involved national FO : CNCPRT

Involved local FO : Union des sociétés d’action rurale des périmètres irrigués du lac (USARPAL)



Project : Appui au stockage et à la commercialisation des produits vivriers dans la Bouenza (ASCPVB)

Involved national FO : Concertation Nationale des Organisations Paysannes du Congo (CNOP Congo)

Involved local FO : ABBON, une association regroupant les producteurs vivriers, d’élevages de la Bouenza


Project : Appui à la production d’engrais organique par la transformation de l’Échinochloea et l’élevage de volaille pour les maraîchers de la rive droite du Djoué

Involved national FO : CNOP-Congo

Involved local FO : L’Union des Groupements des Exploitants Agricoles de Mayanga, (UGEA)


Democratic Republic of Congo

Project : Centrale de ravitaillement ville-campagne

Involved national FO : Confédération paysanne du Congo (COPACO)

Involved local FO : CADECVIM (Centre d’action pour le développement des communautés villageoises de MAWANGA)

Partner FO: ASA (Alliance Paysanne pour la Souveraineté Alimentaire)


Project : Appui à la conservation et promotion des produits maraîchers de l’UCOAC « PACOPM-UCOAC Kinshasa/RDC »

Involved national FO : COPACO

Involved local FO : Union des coopératives agricoles du Congo (UCOAC)



Document type: Programme Documents
Thematic Areas: Access to Services, Markets and Value chains
Region: Central Africa
Year of Publication: 2015