EAFF, Successful experience with the development of the EAC Cooperative Societies Bill

Since 2009 EAFF has been working towards development of an East African Community wide legislation for cooperatives, the EAC Co-operative Societies Bill, 2014. The Bill seeks to provide a harmonised regional legal framework for cooperatives in order to strengthen and enable them to exploit regional integration process.

In 2015 the Bill was scrutinised and approved by the EAC Parliament, the East African Legislative Assembly.

The Bill would enable cooperatives to function according to international standards ensuring that they are run independently and professionally. Also, cross border cooperation would be facilitated to enable cooperatives to enjoy the economies of scale presented by the common market arrangement (e.g. through pooling of resources, joint ventures, participation in regional/ international business opportunities across different sectors). This market expansion and facilitated cross border  trade is expected to have an impact in terms of income generation and of food security.

Once ratified, the Bill will become law and take precedence over exiting national laws. 

A case study was developed to document this successful experience in terms of EAFF capacity to engage in policy formulation for the benefit of their members. Please download it by clicking below!

Further information is also available in dedicated pages within EAFF wesbite.


Document type: Case and country studies
Thematic Areas: Markets and Value chains, Policy Dialogue
Region: East Africa
Year of Publication: 2016