Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT) Position Paper - Agricultural Sector Contribution to the Proposal Paper on Tanzania’s Local Content Policy

The Tanzania National Economic Empowerment Policy of 2004 was intended to address all economic empowerment needs of the individual citizens of Tanzania and locally owned companies. The Policy takes on board farmers, livestock keepers, fishermen, employees, traders as well as other groups of individuals in various economic activities, and provides general guidelines for the formulation of strategies to be used by respective sectors depending on the prevailing circumstances. In this respect, each sector was expected to come up with sector-specific empowerment policy and a concrete implementation strategy.

The Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT) developed a policy paper to contribute to the proposal paper on Tanzania’s Local Content Policy.

Introducing the current state of the agricultural sector in the country and presenting the rationale of local content in agriculture, the paper lists a set of Agricultural sector specific Local Content Policy recommendations such as: (i) Developing the capacity of Tanzanians in good agricultural practices, (ii) Participation of Tanzanians in foreign agro-companies; (iii) procurement of goods and services, whereby the foreign companies can be required to purchase agricultural commodities locally; (iv) requiring foreign companies to undertake in-country processing of agricultural commodities; (v) foreign investors supporting their workers and the surrounding communities with various social and economic serviceslike water for domestic use, educational and training facilities, health facilities, recreation facilities, basic infrastructure like access roads and environmental service.

To learn more, please download the policy paper below.

Document type: Policies & Strategies
Thematic Areas: Strategic planning / Communication
Region: South Africa
Countries: Tanzania
Year of Publication: 2014