Profiles and value chain priorities for members of the Cooperative Alliance of Kenya to be supported by the SFOAP

The Borabu Dairy Farmers Cooperative Union (DFCU) and the Kirinyaga Dairy Farmers Cooperative are two of the members of the Co-operative Alliance of Kenya (CAK), the national apex organization for Kenya's cooperative movement, member of the Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF).

DFCU was registered in 1982 as secondary level marketing co-operative and is located in Borabu sub-county in Kisii. The Kirinyaga Dairy Farmers Cooperative is situated at the heart of the Kerugoya town within Kirinyaga County in the central Kenya region.

In order to identify the most appropriate interventions to be supported under SFOAP Component 3 – Provision of Economic Services, EAFF commissioned Perfometer Agribusiness for an assessment aimed at generating value chain plans that would be implemented by CAK.

In particular, the assessment aimed: (i) To understand the commodity and the stakeholder roles along its value chain; (ii) To profile the targeted farmer organizations; (iii) To develop value chain action plan for CAK; (iv) To conduct a membership satisfaction assessment on the services offered by the cooperative; (v) To conduct a debriefing of the board and the management of the targeted cooperatives.

The report “Clients Profiles and Value chain Priorities – Kirinyaga Dairy and Borabu Union” presented by Perfometer analyses strengths and weaknesses of the organisations, identifies challenges and possible solutions as well as priority actions and support to be provided. It highly prioritizes dealing with productivity issues which will revolve around feeds and fodder, and proposes support for the cooperatives to set up their own extension units, to ensure that the capacity development programs for farmers will be on-going. Finally, the report also recommends management coaching on particular areas of personnel and finance.

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Document type: Policies & Strategies
Thematic Areas: Access to Services, Markets and Value chains, Strategic planning / Communication
Region: East Africa
Year of Publication: 2013