EAFF Case Studies - Instruments to Increase Market Power of Farmers

The report contains three interesting cases of farmers and farmer groups who utilize various instruments to strengthen their market power. The first case of Muki Dairy Cooperative Society illustrates how farmers collectively market their milk, under a cooperative arrangement. The second case illustrates how farmers multiply seed under a contractual arrangement with a local seed company, Freshco Seeds. The third case shows how a farmers’ group, Nyabyumba United Farmers Group has successfully built capacity of its members to supply potatoes to a fast food restaurant located in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. In all cases, the farmers are realizing higher prices and larger profits than previously.

These case studies were developed with the support of EAFF’s Italian partners TerraNuova.

Document type: Case and country studies
Thematic Areas: Markets and Value chains
Region: East Africa
Year of Publication: 2010