The Djibouti Agro-Pastoralists Association (DAPA) now has a constitution

The Djibouti Agro-Pastoralists Association (DAPA) is one of the EAFF member organizations implementing the SFOAP project.

In 2014, DAPA completed their constitution-making process. This process was conducted by a lawyer based in the capital city, Djibouti, and entailed conducting consultations with DAPA members in the different regions across the country.

The constitution has since been validated by the DAPA leadership and membership.

The next process is to develop the DAPA Strategic Plan. The plan will be developed with support from a team from the EAFF membership. The team will be constituted by the EAFF Board, and will provide guidance to the strategic planning process. The plan will entail a considerable amount of consultations with DAPA members, leadership and potential partners in Djibouti and the region. DAPA expects the Strategic Plan to be ready by the end of 2015.

Document type: Others
Thematic Areas: Capacity Building
Region: East Africa
Year of Publication: 2014