EAFF has published the report of its third Congress held in Bujumbura

Following its Congress held from 5 to 7 August 2013 in Bujumbura, EAFF published the synthesis report of this event which thematic was « towards the economic sovereignty of the Eastern African Farmers ».

The attached report in its introductory part the context of the Congress including the modalities of its organization and the speeches of the representatives. Then the document transcribed the  interventions in the three thematic discussions took place:

- « policies and programs to facilitate agricultural development in Africa

- « regional Trade covering structured trade options including commodity exchanges, Risk mitigation and agricultural financing

-  “Towards the economic sovereignty of East African farmers “:  This discussion should highlight the role of farmers, knowledge, research, development of partnership.

After transcripts of these discussions, the report presents the main achievements of the EAFF since its previous 2009 Congress in Arusha, the various messages of partners, the side meetings (Regional Cooperative law; commitment with UNECA LPI) and the resolutions of the Congress.

Document type: Programme Documents
Thematic Areas: Strategic planning / Communication
Region: East Africa
Year of Publication: 2013