Eaff has finalized a study on cooperative Acts in Easter Africa

The ‘’ Analytical study of the co-operative Acts of Eastern Africa’’ is a report based on a study commissioned by The East African farmers’ federation on the Cooperative Act in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

The objectives of this study was to analyse the Co-operative Acts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda with a view of identifying the merits and demerits of these Acts, enumerate reasons why the Ethiopian Cooperative Act is deemed superior or effective by benchmarking the other Acts to it and by proposing a “model” Act , make feasible recommendations that Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda co-operatives can use as policy proposals or otherwise to ‘up’ their respective Acts or regulations on co-operatives .

Before answer to these issues , the report reminds the  Synopsis of the Cooperative Movement in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

Document type: Case and country studies
Thematic Areas: Markets and Value chains
Region: East Africa
Year of Publication: 2011