In connexion of SFOAP main phase, the EAFF has finalized its regional programme of work. This current work programme covers the period of the phase main (2013-1017) and is based on 3 pillars: policy commitment,  the institutional development and economic services.

However the EAFF has decided to focus primarily on this last pillar in order to deliver the economic services to farmers in an efficient way and sustainable through their organizations.

Therefore the  three specific objectives  of the SFOAP in East Africa are:

- to improve the performance of smallholder farmers through improved access to economic services

 - to enhance the ability of peasant organizations at all levels, to provide services economic has their members

- To address policy-related challenges affecting the performance of farmer organizations in the selected value chains

The program plans to work with eleven farmer organisations in 6 of the 8 countries members. Nevertheless a special caution shall be brought to gender/youth aspect to ensure for example participation of the women in the capacity building activities at a minimum of 40% the beneficiaries.

IFAD mission  is the overall supervision of the project. The Steering Committee is in charge of the strategic direction,  then at regional level, the EAFF will be responsible for the  implementation of the AWPB adopted by the Steering Committee. At the national level, platform members will implement activities program in accordance with a framework agreement signed with the regional network which defines responsibilities of implementation materials, resources and reporting uses. This work programme has been published to be consulted for more details and information.

Document type: Programme Documents
Thematic Areas: Monitoring and Evaluation
Region: East Africa
Year of Publication: 2013