The 2nd SFOAP mission of Supervision in SACAU area


 The second  SFOAP mission of supervision took place from the 23 may to 02 june 2011.

The mission  was comprised of an independent consultant and an Ifad Officer, head of the mission.

It  went to the headquarters of the SACAU in Pretoria then visited its national members in Madagascar (CPM) and Swanziland ( SNAU )

 The 3 objectives of the mission was to  :

- Review the implementation arrangements put in place by SACAU and its national members following the first supervision mission recommendation

- Provide implementation support and recommendation that might be needed in order to might be needed in order to ensure achievement of expected outputs of the Annual Work Plan 2011

- Recommend proposals for the on-going design of the SFOAP second phase.

 The mission had observed good results in the progress of the SFOAP implementation: a strong commitment in the implementation of the program had been noticed, mainly due to the professionalism of the SACAU secretariat.

Therefore the mission has been satisfactory in both components and lots of  effort have been made to improve strategic planning, management and reporting .

The SACAU created conducive institutional and managerial conditions for all Farmer Organisations . Consequently the CPM in Madagascar , for example was able to resume and consolidate some of its activities. However in some cases the tools introduced to FOs are too sophisticated, not adapted to small emerging organisations and can lead to an inflation of administrative tasks for leaders and staff of the organisations. The mission therefore recommends to find the right balance between requirements and NFO capacities, and to simplify the procedures whenever possible in SFOAP second phase

Document type: Programme Documents
Thematic Areas: Monitoring and Evaluation
Region: South Africa
Year of Publication: 2011