The 2nd SFOAP mission supervision in EAFF area

The second mission of supervision of the SFOAP in east Africa travelled 3 countries among which Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi where it met the persons in charge of the regional network then those of the national platforms (Kenfap, Ingabo, Imbara and Capad)

This mission having taken place from May 27th, 2011 till June 8th, 2011 pursued 4 objectives:

-          Examine the implementation of the program in particular the progress realized since the previous mission of evaluation;

-          Examine the institutional, administrative and financial capacities(measures) between the national network and the national platforms;

-          Identify the domains in which a support was necessary

-          Identify the lessons learnt from the current program


The supervision noticed robust progress of the SFOAP  in east Africa that  allowed the institutional strengthening of the farmer’s organizations . However  the area where SFOAP has made a quantum leap is the area of policy and advocacy initiatives. Consequently,  the regional network and the national platforms become more and more influential in the decision-makings.

Still, it was also noticed that progress made on the main agreed actions by last supervision mission is moderately satisfactory

The supervisors had  noted 4 causes that affected the implementation of the project:

-          The delayed provision of fund which had delayed the implementation of 2011 AWPB

-          The complex nature of the program, with  several administrative processes and reporting documents

-          The Limited capacity of EAFF to provide technical backstopping on Component 1 activities

-          The Insufficient outcome-oriented approach in the planning and execution of SFOAP-supported activities.

Document type: Programme Documents
Thematic Areas: Monitoring and Evaluation
Region: East Africa
Year of Publication: 2011