EAFF - The Entebbe Declaration on Large Foreign Land Acquisitions

The member organizations of the Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF) met in Entebbe (Uganda) from 9th to 10th November 2010 to present a declaration on “Large foreign land acquisitions”.

In the declaration, EAFF highlights that land is a central asset to farmers and the key factor of production for farming as a business but small-holder farmers in the Eastern Africa region face a myriad of problems related to land access. The causes of these problems vary from country to country and include historical and cultural causes; poor governance of land; under-funded and under-staffed land control organizations at the country level; poor implementation of existing land regulations; among others. EAFF also recognizes that women are particularly marginalized in terms of access to, and ownership of land, despite the important role that they play in agriculture and food production.

In view of this background, EAFF strongly believes that securing the access to, and ownership of land for small scale farmers especially women, farmer organizations, and pastoralists is key to addressing hunger and poverty. More importantly, this a central factor for wealth creation in the rural areas.

Policies, laws and regulations around land access, tenure and land rights must be developed primarily to benefit small-holder farmers. Securing the land rights of farmers is a crucial first step to addressing the challenges related to land.

EAFF firmly believes that farmer organizations or farmer associations have a central role to play in empowering farmers to better utilize their land. This role mainly centres around providing business support services such as market facilitation, access to financial credit, access to inputs, extension services, value addition and processing. Secure farmers’ land rights must be complemented by the sustainable provision of these business support services, preferably through farmer organizations.

Document type: Policies & Strategies
Thematic Areas: Markets and Value chains, Natural resources, Policy Dialogue
Region: East Africa
Year of Publication: 2010