SACAU develops guidelines for the implementation of the SFOAP new component on the provision of economic services

In Southern Africa, the SFOAP main phase component 3 broadly aims at building knowledge and capacities of Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU) secretariat and National Farmers Organizations (NFOs) in providing economic services to their members as well as generating a critical mass of experiences at the national level and facilitate exchanges and knowledge management in the region.

The component will focus on a limited number of commodities with bias towards livestock, and will target seven NFOs over six countries namely: Lesotho, Madagascar, Swaziland, Seychelles, Namibia and Tanzania. Implementation of the projects will be at local level and farmers will be the primary beneficiaries of the support provided.

The participating NFOs will be requested to identify and propose a project that could be supported and a decision will be made based on set criteria. Projects demonstrating higher levels of participation of young and women farmers will receive priority in all countries.

SACAU has developed guidelines to outline requirements and procedures in the funding and implementation of the Economic Services Provision Component of the SFOAP main phase in order to instill transparency in the processes of identifying interventions that are selected for funding. Also, the guidelines are providing material to participating NFOs on how to identify and write a proposal for eligible interventions that could be funded as well as how to prepare proposals that are bankable within the limits of the resources available. Through the use of these guidelines, consistent and uniformity of procedures in the identification and implementation of project will be ensured.

As a general approach, SACAU will set aside SFOAP funds that will be allocated annually to the selected projects in the participating countries. One or two initiatives will be funded per annum to each NFO. Once the initiatives are identified and agreed upon, SACAU and respective NFOs where the initiatives will be implemented will sign a funding agreement. The contract will specify the roles and responsibilities of all involved from SACAU secretariat, national Farmers’ Organization and the beneficiary group or community.

The allocated amount per project will range from €10000 Euros to a maximum of €19000 per project per year. Two projects per country will be accepted if the combined total cost of the two projects does not exceed €19000.

To learn more on funding mechanisms, implementation arrangements, projects selection criteria, and eligible activities please download the guidelines below.

Document type: Programme Documents
Thematic Areas: Access to Services, Capacity Building, Knowledge Management, Markets and Value chains, Strategic planning / Communication
Region: South Africa
Year of Publication: 2013