Forthcoming SFOAP supervision missions

As it is the practice every year, between July and September 2016 the annual supervision missions of the SFOAP will take place in the SFOAP involved regions

The general objective of the missions is to critically review the implementation of the Programme by the regional farmers’ organisations (RFOs) and their national member organisations and to review progress against the recommendations of the Mid-Term Review. The missions will also aim at providing any implementation support possibly needed by the RFOs, and mapping out the domains in which further support might be needed.

The missions will focus mainly on: (i) programme activities and achievements; (ii) sustainability of programme activities; (iii) M&E; (iv) overall financial management. In addition, they will contribute to the identification of main implementation constraints, and recommendations will be made for corrective measures and/or adjustments. In addition, the missions will attempt to improve/create synergies with IFAD country programmes and those supported by SFOAP financing partners (EU, SDC and AFD).

This year, visited countries will include:

-        Eastern Africa: Kenya, Rwanda and Kenya

-        Western Africa: Burkina Faso and Togo

-        Southern Africa: South Africa and Namibia

-        Central Africa: Central African Republic and Cameroon.

News and updates from the mission will follow soon! Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook!


Photo: 2014 SFOAP supervision mission in Kenya (F. Grandval)

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Region: PAN Africa
Year of Publication: 2016