SFOAP visibility and communication strategies

A Communication and Visibility Plan (CVP) was developed by IFAD for the SFOAP main phase to improve overall programme communication of positive results of the partnership and the impact of the action’s results and set guidelines to ensure the visibility of programme donors (the plan is available in English and French).

In particular, the main objectives of the CVP are:

  • To present programme achievements and impacts of the implemented activities To ensure the visibility of implementing partners and donors;
  • To publicise the donors’ support for SFOAP;
  • To highlight opportunities available to stakeholders:
  • To allow SFOAP participants to be able to better communicate achievements and results to non-African peers (national and regional farmers’ organisations - NFOs/RFOs), in particular those involved in the Medium Term Cooperation Programme with Asian FOs (MTCP) and the Farmers’ Forum process.

The CVP outlines a set of main communication activities and tools to ensure the visibility of the programme, build up awareness among stakeholders on the carried out activities and their results, support the involvement of partners and stakeholders into the project implementation and carry out proper information dissemination. The document also contains branding guidelines to ensure consistency in communicating about the SFOAP.

RFOs are responsible for giving adequate publicity to the action they are implementing as well as to the support from the donors partners. A visibility plan had to be developed by each RFO. Please consult the plans developed by EAFF, PROPAC and SACAU.

Document type: Programme Documents
Thematic Areas: Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Strategic planning / Communication
Region: PAN Africa
Year of Publication: 2015