Syndicat De Defense Des Interests Paysans (SYDIP): Irish potato value chain action plan

Member of the Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF), the Syndicat De Defense Des Interests Paysans (SYDIP) developed an irish potato value chain action plan, in the context of the identification of potential projects to support FOs' value chain development under SFOAP funding - Component 3 - Provision of Economic Services - in DRC.

The methodology used to elaborate the action plan was to collect data for SYDIP's profiling and to conduct a satisfaction assessment from its membership.

The document contains a short profiling of SYDIP, an analysis of the needs in terms of economic services to support SYDIP's engagment in the Irish potato sector and the value chain action plan drafted in response to those needs.

To learn more, please download the action plan below.

Document type: Policies & Strategies
Thematic Areas: Capacity Building, Strategic planning / Communication
Year of Publication: 2014