SACAU - A study report on Youth in agriculture in Southern African has been released

By the percentage of young people within its population, Africa is the continent with the youngest population. However this youth is subject to an important phenomenon of rural exodus and  tends to not be interested in agriculture. For SACAU, not succeeding  in involving and interesting youth in the agricultural sector would be a way to condemn Africa to food insecurity, poverty, the dependence on imports and food aid.

In this context and with the support of IFAD and the South African Trust , SACAU commissioned studies in five countries (Madagascar, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe) to look at how member unions are dealing with youth engagement in agriculture. A synthesis report was further drafted to emphasize main findgings from the studies as well as the youth expectation towards agriculture.

The synthesis starts by communicating key messages derived from the draft reports, and then gives a background to the study, including reference to scope and methodologies. It then presents abbreviated findings extracted from the country studies, with the following as sub-headings: (i) State of Play; (ii) What Explains the Low Engagement of Youth in Agriculture? ; (iii) What Can Attract Youths More into Farming as a Career?; (iv) What Interventions are Being Tried and can Continue into the Future?; (v) Selected Questions for Discussion and Decision.

The synthesis report will form the basis for discussion at workshops where SACAU members will identify common issues concerning youth in the region. On the basis of this, SACAU and its membership can extract key messages, derive policy positions and prepare an overall guiding framework for the SACAU secretariat to systematically integrate youth issues in all its interventions at national and regional levels. 

To learn more, please download the synthesis report below.

Document type: Policies & Strategies
Thematic Areas: Gender
Region: South Africa
Year of Publication: 2013