Original initiatives implemented by CAPAD for the communication on its advocacy and lobbying positions

The 2011 SFOAP supervision  mission in EAFF has revealed the implementation of original  initiative developed by the CAPAD  in its advocacy  and lobbying activities. Thus, in order to highlight  its positions the CAPAD has proceeded to:

 - The preparation and the radio spots broadcast on eight problems identified in Agriculture - the introduction into public debate.

 - The meetings bilateral with policy makers.

 - The production of DVD's hearing with a song sung by a popular band.

These  initiatives have contributed to the ban of the import of rice donated by Japan which  distorted the local market. They also contributed to  the involvement of farmers in the revision of national agricultural policies as well as the increase in the national budget devoted to agriculture in accordance with the declaration of Maputo. The supervision mission  considered that these initiatives should be taken as example and disseminated to all members.

Document type: Best practices and Lessons learned
Thematic Areas: Strategic planning / Communication
Region: East Africa
Countries: Burundi
Year of Publication: 2011