In May 2013, the ROPPA has finalised its 2013 AWPB of the SFOAP second phase

This AWPB leans on the results of the pilot phase of the program which testify of the strengthening of the regional network and the  consolidation of the national platforms so much on the institutional, technical and political plan. The second phase intervenes especially in a context of   the transformation of the agriculture in West Africa. Indeed, the West African region has to face  population growth and  climate change.

This AWPB is structured around 30 main activities and must fulfil the three specific objectives :

-              The strengthening of the  institutional and organizational capacities of the national members of the ROPPA with an increase of their representativeness,  legitimacy,  credibility and their audience.

-              The development of the advocacy on the finalisation of a  Common External Tariff and the design and implementation of a land policies and agricultural outlines Act which can lead the modernisation  of family farms and the valuation of their production

-              The strengthening of  entrepreneurial capacities of the farmers organizations by a support for their economic initiatives and a support for their integration in value chains.

For the implementation of this programme, ROPPA will benefit from the financial and technical support of partners such as the union European, Swiss cooperation, the AFD and IFAD.

The AWPB 2013 covers all the 13 members of ROPPA countries as well as member organizations associated in Nigeria and Cape Verde.

Meanwhile the AWPB established a substantial participation of women and young people hoping a participation of 50% of all activities such as training, meetings and consultations.

To have further information, please find the AWPB document below attached.

Document type: Programme Documents
Thematic Areas: Monitoring and Evaluation
Region: West Africa
Year of Publication: 2013