2009 Progress Report and 2010 Annual Work Plan

This narrative report for the European Commission (EC) presents the progress of the activities of the Support to Farmers’ Organisations in Africa Programme (SFOAP) relative to the implementation of the Annual Work Plan for 2009, covering 1 July to 31 December 2009.

The activities planned for 2009 focused on ensuring core functions of the participating Farmers’ Organizations (FOs) mainly in form of staffing, establishing or equipping their offices and strengthening the staff and leadership capacities through training.

 The preliminary impacts of the activities undertaken so far, as reported by the FOs themselves, are their increased credibility and visibility vis-à-vis their membership base and partners. The support provided by the regional networks with SFOAP funds has especially benefited the younger and weaker national FOs. 

Activities aiming at FOs’ increased inclusion in policy processes were launched in 2009 but most of them were not finalized. Nine studies or analyses at regional and national levels were launched in 2009 and will be followed up in 2010 through validation of outcomes, formulation of policy positions and subsequent lobbying activities by the FOs. In a few countries FOs were also able to carry out activities aiming at influencing public opinion, policy processes and development programmes already in 2009, such as communication events or meetings with decision-makers.

Major difficulties encountered by the FOs were related to the late reception of funds by the national FOs that in most cases were not able to pre-finance activities. However the delay in the start of the activities will not pose a threat to the future implementation of the programme and the activities not implemented in 2009 have been rescheduled for the first quarter of 2010.

One important result achieved in 2009 was the approval by the IFAD Executive Board, in December 2009, of a contribution of USD 1 500 000, or of EUR 1 045 500, to co-finance activities of Component 1 of SFOAP.


Document type: Programme Documents
Region: PAN Africa
Year of Publication: 2010