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The Eastern African Farmers Federation (EAFF), formed in 2001, has its chapter registered in member counties. EAFF’s establishment was championed by national farmers’ organizations from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo to respond to the felt need to get organized at regional level. This came about as the Eastern [...]
The 2011 SFOAP supervision  mission in EAFF has revealed the implementation of original  initiative developed by the CAPAD  in its advocacy  and lobbying activities. Thus, in order to highlight  its positions the CAPAD has proceeded to:  - The preparation and the radio spots broadcast on eight problems identified in Agriculture - [...]
A team led by an Ifad officer  and comprised of an independent consultant and the Director of  Inter-Réseaux proceeded to the 2nd mission of supervision of the SFOAP. Besides the double objective which was to make a critical review of the arrangements  of SFOAP implementation in the sub-region and to supply [...]
Market power refers to the ability of a seller (or a buyer) to impact the price and the marketing conditions of a product. In a free market economy, as is the case of most agricultural-based economies in East Africa, prices are normally determined by the free forces of demand and [...]
An action plan for the SFOAP pilot phase was developed by the Confédération paysanne du Faso (CPF). The plan covers the period 2009-2011. It provides background information on CPF and identifies main priorities and strategies for SFOAP intervention in the areas of institutional development and capacity building, advocacy, lobbying, and participation in decision making [...]
The SFOAP Main Phase is coming to an end and it’s time to share knowledge and lessons from farmers’ organizations that have implemented it. "Farmers' Organizations in Africa" is a booklet developed by the SFOAP team, that highlights the main results achieved under SFOAP during its main phase (2013-2018), focusing on [...]
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