Working on Monitoring and Evaluation in Central Africa

The Mid-Term Review of the SFOAP in 2015 highlighted Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) as one of the main areas to be improved by the PROPAC. To overcome this deficiency, the organisation started to work for the development and definition of an institutional system for M&E, to facilitate the exchange of information within the network and the establishment of a knowledge management and learning system.

Within this framework, a regional workshop on M&E was organised by the PROPAC with the support of SFOAP from 17 to 19 August in Douala. The meeting aimed to enable staff from member organisations to become acquainted with the PROPAC’s M&E activities with a view to facilitate the exchange of information and the capitalization of knowledge.

The workshop enabled participants to improve their knowledge and understanding of the concept of M&E, clarify the roles and responsibilities of staff in terms of M&E, get relevant information on data collection tools and strategies, and validate the PROPAC’s M&E manual.

from 17/08/2016 to 19/08/2016
Thematic Areas: Capacity Building, Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation
Region: Central Africa