Conseil National de Concertation des Producteurs Ruraux du Tchad: official launch of the project "Service de warrantage de céréales dans la région de Hadjer Lamis"

The Project « Service de warrantage de céréales dans la région de Hadjer Lamis »  was launched on April 29, 2016 during a ceremony that was held in Massakory (Chad) at the headquarters of the Union Al-Moustakbahl (member of the Conseil National de Concertation des Producteurs Ruraux du Tchad - CNCPRT), bringing together over sixty participants.

The Project falls under SFOAP component 3 (Provision of Economic Services) and is among the nine projects being supported by the programme in Central Africa.

The overall goal of the project is to reduce food insecurity among members of the Union and improve their incomes while generating benefits for the Union. The project is expected to : (i) Bring the volume of cereals marketed to 1000 bags cereals each farm ; (ii) Test the sale of certified seeds ; (ii) Provide the Union with an efficient secretariat ; (iv) Train leaders and groups of the Union ; (v) Support the financial autonomy and sustainability of the Union.

The main activities supported by the project include the warrantage of cereals produced by members, supply of cereals for members for their consumption and retail, supply of certified seeds, institutional support, and training to leaders, staff and producers.

Please visit PROPAC’s website to see more on the launch ceremony and click here to learn more on SFOAP supported projects and initiatives in Central Africa.

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Thematic Areas: Access to Services, Capacity Building, Markets and Value chains
Region: Central Africa
Countries: Chad