Discussing on the export of dairy goats from Kenya to Djibouti

Mr. Ahmed Okieh Daher, the Chief Executive Officer of the Djibouti Agro-Pastoralists Association (DAPA) visited Kenya to discuss about the idea to export dairy goats from Kenya to Djibouti.

The visit took place from Tuesday 12th to Wednesday 13th May 2015. During the visit, Mr. Okieh met staff from the Eastern Africa Farmers' Federation (EAFF), staff from the Kenya Livestock Producers' Association (KLPA), the Managing Director of Perfometer Consulting (a dairy management and agribusiness consulting company in Kenya) and the Chairman of the Dairy Goats Association of Kenya (DGAK). Mr. Okieh also visited the Chairman of DGAK at his goat farm in Sagana, Murang'a county in central Kenya.

Based on the discussion between the DAPA Management and FAO in Djibouti, DAPA and EAFF would work together to develop a more substantive and concrete proposal.

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from 12/05/2015 to 13/05/2015
Thematic Areas: Access to Services, Markets and Value chains
Region: East Africa