Scan Mission On Agro-Pastoral Opportunities For Dijbouti

Member of the Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF), the Djibouti agro-pastoral Association (DAPA) is the apex body of primary farmers association from five regions in Djibouti.

DAPA currently seeks to improve farming production and to help address the issues around food security, unemployment, poverty, malnutrition and protect rural and Agro-pastoral communities against natural disasters and effects of climate change through promotion of adaption, mitigation and resilience. In this context and based on DAPA’s proposal to EAFF for support in implementing the proposed interventions, Perfometer was contracted by EAFF to carry out a scan mission on the viability of the proposed interventions and/or advise on realistic solutions that benefit DAPA members.

The Djibouti scan mission took place from February 09 to February 14 2015 and was carried out by David Maina (Perfometer) and James Ngatia (Perfometer) who toured Djiboutian farms with the support and coordination of Mr. Ahmed Daher (DAPA, CEO) and Mr. Taher Issa (DAPA President). The two consultants visited Djibouti’s four regions of Arta, Ali Sabieh, Dikhil and Tadjoura, where DAPA had identified farmers with interesting agro-pastoral farming projects.

A report was produced presenting details of the scan mission on the situational challenges, findings and goes ahead to propose viable interventions for improving and up-scaling the ongoing agro-pastoral practices, both new and existing ones that will eventually address DAPA’s objective and its member farmers.

The proposed primary interventions for these farmers are around sensitization training (practical or on-farm) and linkages to input providers and service

Perfometer proposes to provide capacity to the existing trainers working with the members. The few exceptional farmers in each region that have demonstrated best practices should be incorporated as demo farms, to help improve productivity and introduce better farm practices using demo farms (model farms) for practical training. With good practices already happening on these few demo farms, they form good training centres especially for the regional farmers. Additionally, Perfometer can facilitate linkages to input suppliers like seed merchants and livestock breeders to avail seeds and to introduce higher producing goat breeds that would thrive in Djibouti. Perfometer proposes give support to DAPA to create linkages to access inputs for farmers, establishment of linkages with international and local companies with the cooperation of the government would remedy the shortage of the inputs by importing for Djiboutian farmers. Additionally, with regards to seeds, DAPA can be supported to take charge of importing and multiplying seeds while working with available soil testing organizations to obtain the required fertilization regime.

Please read the report below to learn more on the strategy and priority interventions proposed.


Photo credit: DAPA



from 09/02/2015 to 14/02/2015
Thematic Areas: Access to Services, Markets and Value chains
Region: East Africa