Concertation Nationale des Organisations Paysannes au Cameroun (CNOP-CAM): training women on cooperatives management

On 30th August 2016 the national member of the PROPAC, the Concertation Nationale des Organisations Paysannes au Cameroun (CNOP-CAM) held a training session for women in the Municipality of Mengang (Akonolinga) in Cameroon.

The session follows a series of training courses organized by the CNOP-CAM for managers and leaders of farmers’ organisations (FOs) in different areas (e.g. the development of business plans, advocacy, lobbying and negotiation skills etc.)

In particular, the training aimed to strengthen the capacity and knowledge of rural women in the field of cooperatives’ economy, as well as of the development and financing of value chains; and to promote the development of efficient cooperatives for improving the living conditions of producers in Cameroon.

Please visit CNOP-CAM’s Facebook page and PROPAC’s website to learn more and see pics from the training.


Photo credit: CNOP-CAM

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Thematic Areas: Access to Services, Capacity Building, Knowledge Management, Markets and Value chains
Region: Central Africa
Countries: Cameroon