SACAU undertakes a mission to Lesotho

Three SACAU officials undertook a mission to the Lesotho National Farmers’ Union to assess progress on the implementation of SFOAP to date and to identify technical and financial challenges faced by the organization.

The team was satisfied with the achievements recorded by LENAFU thus far considering the limitations in human and financial resources available to the organization. LENAFU also made considerable efforts in addressing most of the issues that were raised during the first IFAD/EC supervision mission though there were few issues to be addressed. 

The team also noted that LENAFU is steadily becoming one of the main actors in the agriculture sector development in Lesotho and that the organization is playing a critical role in its advocacy program.


from 11/04/2011 to
Thematic Areas: Capacity Building, Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Policy Dialogue
Region: South Africa
Countries: Lesotho