SACAU - SFOAP regional planning workshop

The Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Union (SACAU) held a regional planning workshop for the IFAD/EC SFOAP. Participants to the workshop which was held in Pretoria from 30th to 31st September 2010 were the five participating National Farmers’ Organizations benefiting from SFOAP funding.

The four objectives that were pursued at the workshop were to: (i) share experiences among participating National Farmers’ Organizations on the implementation of SFOAP at national level; (ii) discuss technical and financial reporting requirements for the SFOAP program based on “simplified manual of procedures” drafted by IFAD; (iii) discuss 2011 Annual Work plans and Budgets and the process of preparing the work plans; and (iv) discuss monitoring and evaluation indicators for the project. 

from 30/09/2010 to 01/10/2010
Thematic Areas: Capacity Building, Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Strategic planning / Communication
Region: South Africa