Togolese farmers' organisations contribute to national policies on agriculture

On 13 and 14 April 2017, the Coordination Togolaise des Organisations Paysannes et de Producteurs Agricoles (CTOP) hosted a national workshop for the development of their contribution to the process of drafting and finalizing the Programme national d'investissement agricole et de sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnel (PNIASAN).


In particular, the main objectives of the meeting were to: (i) analyze the PNIASAN draft document; (ii) enrich proposed actions and measures and identify new ones that are essential for the sustainable development and competitiveness of Togolese agriculture, food security, job creation, poverty reduction, export earnings and the resilience of populations; (iii) transmit CTOP contribution to the Ministry of Agriculture to enrich the PNIASAN draft; (iv) ensure that contributions are taken into account.


The meeting was organized by the CTOP, with technical and financial support from the ROPPA and the Ministry of Agriculture.


Participants included more than fifty representatives from farmers’ organisations (FOs) members of the CTOP, the Permanent Council of Chambers of Agriculture of Togo (CPCAT), the Regional Committees of Farmers' Organizations and Agricultural Producers (CROPPA), the Women's and youth colleges of the CTOP, FOs and NGOs partners of the CTOP.


According the President of the CTOP Mr Sandou Assimarou GNASSINGBE, the improved document should take into account, among other things, the status of farmers, the problem of water control, agricultural credit and land issues.


At the end of the workshop, recommendations were formulated and a follow-up and monitoring committee was set up to take into account the farmers’ contribution to the process of elaborating the PNIASAN.


To learn more, please visit the CTOP website here.




Photo credit: ROPPA and CTOP

from 13/04/2017 to 14/04/2017
Region: West Africa
Countries: Togo