South Africa: Dairy Steering Committee meet in Pretoria and define 2017 strategy

The Steering Committee that drives the collaboration of regional dairy associations within SACAU convened a meeting on 3rd April in Pretoria, South Africa.

The Committee reviewed progress of the dairy platform, finalised terms of reference for the platform and looked at the longer-term focus of the collaboration. Central to the regional collaboration is the strengthening of dairy associations across the region and this is a core function of the work SACAU has been coordinating in the dairy sector.

Promoting and enabling cooperation among dairy associations in southern Africa through the provision of skills and capacity development and sharing of best practices has been the foremost thrust of this agenda.

Considering the average age of a dairy farmer in the region, the Steering Committee also recognised the need to drive the inclusion of a new generation of young women and men entrepreneurs with the ambition and energy to advance the sector.

This will necessitate an improved understanding of why the youth are not participating in the dairy sector at an increased rate and an activity has been envisioned around this.

The Committee also commenced planning for the 2017 regional meeting which shall be held in Nairobi, Kenya later this year and will involve an exciting learning tour of the Kenyan dairy industry. Amongst others, the visit will provide insights on how Kenya’s smallholder dairy sector is organised; innovations in the smallholder dairy sector, factors that have driven the success of the sector, raw milk kiosks, price negotiations and pricing models and addressing milk wastage.

To learn more, please download here the March 2017 edition of the SACAU Newsletter.


Photo credit: SACAU

from 03/04/2017 to 04/04/2017
Thematic Areas: Access to Services, Capacity Building, Knowledge Management, Markets and Value chains
Region: South Africa
Countries: South Africa