ROPPA, PAFO and IFAD: working together to improve financial management issues

A SFOAP-IFAD support and monitoring mission was organized in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) from 6 to 11 March 2017 to assess the status of implementation of the recommendations of the last IFAD supervision mission and provide support to the Réseau des Organisations Paysannes et de Producteurs de l"Afrique de l'Ouest (ROPPA)  and the Pan-African Farmers’ Organisation (PAFO) particularly in relation to financial management issues.


The IFAD/SFOAP Financial staff worked with the team of ROPPA and PAFO to address issues relating to the process of recruitment of the ROPPA’s Director of Finance and Administration, the set-up of and archiving system for financial documents, the development of a six months roadmap for the implementation of the SFOAP until 2018, and the issues flagged out in the ROPPA and PAFO 2015 audit reports.


The mission was considered very useful to solve identified problems. Follow up will be assured during the next supervision mission in 2017. 

A short intervention from the PAFO CEO Ms Fatma Ben Rejeb on the mission is available on youtube!



Photo credit: Antonella Cianciotta

from 06/03/2017 to 11/03/2017
Thematic Areas: Capacity Building
Region: West Africa
Countries: Burkina Faso