EAFF and national members advance on Monitoring and Evaluation

Since the Pilot Phase of the SFOAP, EAFF is doing a relevant institutional effort to strengthen its Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) capacities and tools and those of its members at the national level.

Based on the finding of the external evaluation of the pilot phase, which highlighted that M&E was one of SFOAP’s weakest areas, between the finalisation of the pilot phase and the beginning of the main phase, IFAD hired an M&E expert to: (i) assess the M&E systems put in place by the regional networks (RFOs) in order to support them to develop efficient M&E frameworks within their organisations; and to (ii) develop a simple M&E framework for the SFOAP based on RFOs’ existing M&E systems, enabling them to easily extract from their M&E systems the information needed to report and monitor progress related to SFOAP implementation. A more in depth assessment was initially piloted and tested at EAFF.

Following the start-up workshop of the Main Phase and as requested by RFOs, 3 workshops were further jointly organised and supported by IFAD and AgriCord particularly focusing on the development of the M&E system of the SFOAP, taking into account and to be integrated with existing M&E systems of the RFOs and their national members (NFOs). The work entailed systems development, including analysis of data needs, systems design, and on-the-job training for the key person/persons involved in this process and responsible for M&E.

The workshops helped improving SFOAP logframe, especially the description of outcome and impact indicators. The workshop also promoted specific tools to facilitate data collection: (i) registers to take stock of participation in meetings, organization of trainings, etc. and (ii) profiling tools to be administered to RFOs and NFOs to monitor overall maturity progress of organizations.

In Eastern Africa, EAFF was already in the process of developing its own extensive online M&E system, which was to match the new strategic plan and to cover all of the NFOs activities. The SFOAP supported workshop (July 2013, Nairobi) further helped EAFF and their members clarify concepts related to M&E.

The M&E activities at the regional level further advanced thanks to the hiring of a M&E consultant by EAFF since November 2013. As a result, EAFF's M&E system was revised and several M&E related activities were achieved in 2014 including: (i) the revision and insertion in the online system of EAFF Strategic Plan and projects indicators; (ii) the development of an online membership satisfaction survey tool; (iii) the organisation of an M&E capacity needs assessment for some EAFF members enabling to design a M&E capacity building support programme.

Many tools developed during SFOAP main phase were used to source information and data to feed in the global online M&E system, such as the the Organisational Capacity Assessment (OCA) profiling tool, the membership databases,  satisfaction surveys and the baseline assessments.

On 22-24 February 2016 and with the support from Agriterra, EAFF convened the 1st M&E Think Tank with the main objective of putting together the main elements of the EAFF M&E strategy. In particular, the Think Tank aimed to: specify the objectives and sub-objectives of the strategy; finalize the development of indicators in the strategic plan or currents ones to be updated; elaborate explicitly on the approach to implement the strategy - how to incorporate EAFF's on-going projects and programs that have M&E components; discuss how the M&E online system is a key element of the strategy, how to use existing tools such as membership database, baseline surveys, membership satisfaction surveys, as tools for M&E; ensure that knowledge management is a key element of the strategy; and discuss the reporting on the M&E strategy. The main output from the think-tank session was the first draft of the EAFF M&E strategy.

The Think Tank also entailed the formulation of a M&E strategy for the EAFF member organizations from the Tanzania Federation of Co-operatives (TFC) Ltd, Co-operative Alliance of Kenya (CAK), Kenya National Farmers' Federation (KENAFF), Kenya Livestock Producers Association (KLPA) and the Uganda National Farmers' Federation (UNFFE).

In line with the above mentioned process, EAFF is currently organising meetings with her member organizations from Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Uganda to support them finalizing their respective strategies on M&E. Please learn more on the specific objectives and expected outputs from the meetings by downloading the concept note below.


Photo credit: EAFF (M&E workshop in Rwanda, April 2016)


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