The ROPPA participates to the 17th edition of the International Fair of Agriculture and Animal Resources (FIARA)

Under the theme "the role and place of farmers’ organizations and family farms, a contribution to Plan Senegal Emergent - PSE", the 17th edition of the FIARA opened its doors to the public in Dakar at the Centre international du commerce extérieur du Sénégal (CICES) on March 29, 2016 in the presence of many Senegalese officials working in the agricultural world.

The event, organised by the Conseil national de concertation et de coopération des ruraux (CNCR) and the Association Sénégalaise pour la Promotion du Développement par la Base (ASPRODEB) with the support of the ROPPA, amongst other, aimed to offer partners and agricultural and rural development stakeholders in Senegal and in the sub-region, an opportunity to discuss and share experiences related to technical and commercial innovation in the field of agriculture and animal resources, natural and agro industrial resources and rural crafts.

The opening ceremony was chaired by the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Livestock and Animal Resources.

The FIARA gave space for participants to present and showcase their agricultural products in dedicated stands. Also, a baker laboratory was installed in the "bread and pastries Doole" stand of the Federation of Bakers of Senegal.

This FIARA was an opportunity for the ROPPA to support their national women wings and enable their representatives to join the event and showcase transformed products (shea butter, couscous, dried mango, flour maize, oils, sesame and many others) from small processing units. To learn more on the participation of representatives from women wing to the FIARA please see this video.

To learn more on the FIARA please read the article from ROPPA or visit the CNCR Facebook page and the FIARA website.


Photo credits: ROPPA

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