ROPPA: working group meeting to improve the operationalization of the Farmers' University

From 12 to 16 April 2016 at the HQ of the Fédération des Organisations Non-Gouvernementales du Sénégal (FONGS-Action paysanne), the ROPPA has organised a meeting of the working group established to improve the operationalization of the ROPPA’s Farmers’ University.  

The Farmers’ University is the result of a long reflection process among farmers and their organisations initiated in 2001 (see more here). Today it is a reality that has already experienced three editions. Following the 2015 edition in Nyéleni (Mali), an assessment and a reflection were made on main achievements and areas to be improved. The ROPPA has thus established a working group responsible to make sure the Farmers’ University is improved based on identified challenges and issues.  

The objectives of the meeting of the working group were to:

  • Agree on a roadmap with concrete actions for improvement of the Farmers’ University and the preparation of its fourth edition;
  • Read the concept note of the Farmers’ University and revisit its governance taking into account the findings from the assessment and the recommendations made in Nyéleni;
  • Define a methodology for a "mapping" of training experiences by national organisations and discuss how to integrate them in the process of realization of the fourth edition of the Farmers’ University.


Learn more on the event here and see a selection of pics in the Facebook page of the ROPPA. The full report from the event will be soon available.


Photo source: ROPPA



from 12/04/2016 to 16/04/2016
Thematic Areas: Capacity Building, Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation
Region: West Africa