ROPPA: Board meeting of the Regional Framework for dialogue of Breeders and Agro-Pastoralist Organisations

From 14 to 16 January 2016, the ROPPA Regional Framework for dialogue of Breeders and Agro-Pastoralist Organisations organized a meeting of its board of Directors. The workshop brought together participants from the National FOs, the Secretariat of ROPPA and PAFO.

The overall objective of this meeting was not only to discuss on the draft strategic plan for the Regional Framework, but also to create a space for exchange on key issues and challenges related to the sector (e.g. synergies among actors, protection against unfair competition from foreign investors, the creation of incentives for farmers in coastal areas to accept Sahelian transhumance in their agricultural areas).

During the meeting, the participants noted that despite the significant potential in terms of livestock, natural resources and wealth of animal genetic resources in the region, farming and pastoralism are undermined by low productivity. The Regional Framework, consequently selected three strategic areas to focus on: the promotion the livestock-meat, milk and poultry sector.

Recommendations were further agreed and a roadmap established and to be implemented within six months.

To learn more on the meeting please look at the ROPPA website by clicking here. Please also read the Report from the Constitutive Assembly of the Framework (2014).

from 14/01/2016 to 16/01/2016
Region: West Africa