EAFF: Dairy goats exported from Kenya to Djibouti


Following a profiling of dairy in Djibouti in 2015, financed with the support of the SFOAP, EAFF and the Association Agropastorale Djiboutienne (DAPA) found that dairy farming (with dairy cows) was not very viable in the country due to the hars weather conditions, shortage of feeds and water. They concluded that dairy goats was a viable alternative.

Based on the above, EAFF started working and coordinating with DAPA,the Kenya Livestock Producers’ Association (KLPA) and the Dairy Goats Association of Kenya (DGAK, member of KENAFF) to export 45 breeding goats from Kenya to Djibouti. Several activities were thus implemented, with the support from FAO Djibouti and SFOAP, including the following

  • With SFOAP support, EAFF has contracted a specialised consultant of AgriBiz Consult to provide technical support;
  • In order to give visibility to the initiative, on 9-10 March 2016, EAFF visited the Sagana site in Kenya to observe progresses, with the participation of representatives from KLPA, DGAK, the County Government (national government representatives under the devolved structure of government), and FAO Kenya. During the visit, goats were selected and vaccinated. Blood samples drawn from each of the goats were also taken to Veterinary Investgation Laboratory in Karatina and tested (please download the document below to get more information on the site visit);
  • An acclimatization plan for the goats - explaining feeding plan and housing plan was drafted by DAPA and FAO Djibouti;
  • Official registration certificates for each of the goats was obtained from the Kenya Livestock Breeders Organization (KLBO), the organization that manages the Kenya Stud Book;
  • Discussions took place with insurance companies for holding and transit insurance;
  • Health inspections were carried out on 24th March by the Sub-county veterinary officer and a health certificate for all the animals was issued;
  • EAFF applied for the international movement permit by presenting all supporting documents (invoice, import permit, health certificate, laboratory results and vaccination certificates).

EAFF has further put together a team to travel to Djibouti on 4th April 2016 composed by staff from EAFF, DGAK , KLPA, specialised consultants (i.e. to lead the goat advisory work, provide training on animal record systems and travel with the goats on the cargo plane) and a videographer to develop a documentary of the entire process.

In addition, EAFF intends to set up an animal recording system for DAPA to record all the relevant details for each animal related to breeding, feeding, and other aspects. This system will mirror the system used by DGAK and the Kenya Stud book, managed by the KLBO. The intention is for DAPA and the Ministry of Agriculture (Djibouti) to receive support to set up this system.

Please learn more on this initiatives by looking at this video and follow the progress in the EAFF Facebook page.

from 01/03/2016 to 04/04/2016
Thematic Areas: Access to Services, Capacity Building, Knowledge Management, Markets and Value chains
Region: East Africa