EAFF: Retreat of the Leaders, Managers and Staff

EAFF’s 2nd Leaders, Managers and Staff Retreat that was held on the 8 th and 9th April, 2014 in Naivasha, Kenya, to discuss on how to cause the “mindset change” towards self-sustainability and agree on the steps to establish and engage in profitable and sustainable strategic agri-enterprenueral projects in the region. In particular, the meeting was organized around the following main topics: (i) EAFF strategic plan and vision's review; (ii) Key milestones and achievements since last meeting in 2012, especially regarding the value chain approach; (iii) Analysis and discussion of main bottlenecks to FO's transformation; and (iv) way forward for EAFF and its leaders' members.


To enhance bonding among EAFF leadership and managerial staff a team building session was conducted on the first day of the retreat.

On day two, EAFF president gave an update of achievements and implementation of resolutions of Naivasha one and a presentation on how to transit to farming as a business was delivered. Thereafter the participants had a reflective session to examine what has happened since the first retreat held in 2012. The participants were also run through EAFF’s 2012 – 2020 strategic plan, knowledge management and learning, results of value chain studies conducted in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and DRC as well as the Organisational Capacity Assessment results, thus providing an overview of main issues faced by organisations and a better understanding of the operational context for the new strategic plan.

On the third day, the participants discussed the systemic bottlenecks that hinder the transformation of FOs to business entities, possible solutions to these problems as well as the vision for each organization in the next 3 year. EAFF then presented its proposal for a virtual warehouse to be finalized by in the next two months. In the next steps for Naivasha two, the participants agreed on key actions including the finalization of transformation plans and how to develop mechanisms for effective communication.

Please learn more on the retreat by reading the report below, capturing the content of the presentations, discussions and outcomes.


from 08/04/2014 to 09/04/2014
Thematic Areas: Knowledge Management, Markets and Value chains
Region: East Africa
Countries: Kenya