CTOP Togo (ROPPA) - Training on fish farming

Annual production of fish in Togo is today around 24,000 tons while total overall needs are estimated at 61,000 tons. Togo is forced to import more than a third of its needs to maintain consumption at current levels. These imports are far from stabilizing, the Togolese population growing by 2.9% annually.

Within this context, fish farming could be envisaged as a solution. Nonetheless,  lack of policy on the subject has led to problems related to profitability. Indeed, fishers are facing a number of challenges including low incomes from fish farming related activities caused by poor feeding and weak leadership.

With the support provided through the SFOAP, the Coordination togolaise des Organisations paysannes et de Producteurs agricoles (CTOP)  carried out a specific training on fish farming aiming to improve the productivity of fish farms and the  sustainability of fish production.

from 16/02/2011 to 18/02/2011
Thematic Areas: Capacity Building, Markets and Value chains
Region: West Africa
Countries: Togo