SFOAP Main Phase Workshop - Johannesburg

A workshop was held from 4 to 6 November 2011 in Johannesburg to provide a space to facilitate cross-regional discussion and brainstorming amongst RFOs for the formulation of the Support to Farmers’ Organizations in Africa Programme (SFOAP) Main Phase  for the process leading to the formulation of the SFOAP Main Phase and negotiations held with the European Commission (EC) for their support to SFOAP Main Phase.

Specific objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Consolidate Action Fiche and annexes
  • Discuss and brainstorm on main elements for the implementation of Main Phase (Programme/proposals on the content and implementation of the three components; Programme management at Regional Farmers’ Organizations - RFOs; System for M&E RFOs intend to put in place; Steps for the finalization of regional programming)
  • Discuss and brainstorm on programme management and experience of pilot phase to feed Main Phase (overall management; reporting; focus on results; financial management);
  • Discuss and brainstorm on implementation modalities for the new Component  3 – provision of economic services
  • Agree on next steps to be undertaken for both pilot phase and Main Phase.

The workshop allowed to integrate two complementary programmes, both supported by EC through IFAD: the SFOAP and Farmers Fighting Poverty (FFP/AFRICA) of AgriCord. The two programmes would then be presented to the EC with a unique Concept Note – under the name of Farmers’ Africa.

from 04/11/2011 to 06/11/2011
Region: PAN Africa