IFAD Supervision Missions in all regions

Between May and July 2011 IFAD undertook the second Supervision Mission in Southern, Western, Central and Eastern African regions.

The supervision team devoted part of the mission to work with the regional Secretariats and it also organised short (one-to-two day) missions to several national FOs benefiting from the SFOAP programme.

The second Supervision Mssion aimed at critically review the implementation of the Programme by the four RFOs and their national member organisations and reviewed progress against the recommendations of the previous Supervision Mission. The mission aimed at providing implementation support needed by the RFOs or visited NFOs, and mapping out the domains in which further support could be needed in order to ensure achievement of expected outputs of the Annual Work Plan 2011.

The mission focused on the development of M&E plans, on Knowledge Management related issues and on the sustainability of programme intervention. In addition, it   contributed to the identification of main implementation constraints, and recommendations were made for corrective measures and/or adjustments.

from 15/05/2011 to 01/08/2011
Thematic Areas: Capacity Building, Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation
Region: PAN Africa