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21 Sep 2016 
On 21st September 2016, during a ceremony celebrated in Brussels at the Secretariat of the  African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States, the President of the Pan-African Farmers’ Organization – PAFO (Dr Theo de Jaeger), the Managing Director of AgriCord (Ignace Coussement) and the Director of the Technical Centre for Agricultural [...]
11 Sep 2016 - 21 Sep 2016
The third IFAD supervision mission of the SFOAP main phase in Central Africa took place from 11 to 21 September 2016. The objective of the mission was to critically review the implementation of the Programme by the PROPAC and their national member organisations (NFOs) and to review progress against the recommendations [...]
30 Aug 2016 
On 30th August 2016 the national member of the PROPAC, the Concertation Nationale des Organisations Paysannes au Cameroun (CNOP-CAM) held a training session for women in the Municipality of Mengang (Akonolinga) in Cameroon. The session follows a series of training courses organized by the CNOP-CAM for managers and leaders of farmers’ [...]
24 Aug 2016 
The Project « Gestion de l’irrigation, warrantage et approvisionnement collectif d’intrants pour la production vivrière dans le polder Guini » of the Union des sociétés d’action rurale des périmètres irrigués du lac - USARPAL (member of the Conseil National de Concertation des Producteurs Ruraux du Tchad - CNCPRT). was launched in August 2016 during a ceremony held [...]
24 Aug 2016 - 10 Oct 2016
From 22 to 24 August in Douala (Cameroon), the PROPAC organised a regional meeting on “sustainable financing of actions for the development of the agricultural sector in Central Africa”. The main objective of the meeting was to improve staff and leaders of FOs knowledge and understating on methods, tools and techniques [...]