South Sudan

South Sudan Agricultural Producers Union (SSAPU)


Address: SSAPU Office Juba Nabari (after Catholic University of South Sudan, down along American Embassy Road), Tong Ping Residential Area, Juba, South Sudan.

Postal address: BP 413, Juba, South Sudan


Phone No: + 249 955 099 472 / +249 955 221 560

Chairperson: Â Aggrey EZBON Idri

National Executive Secretary: Jimmy KATO -



Geographical coverage: National.

Date and Context of creation

Date of creation: 2011

SSAPU was founded in 2011 to fight poverty in the country and to embark on commercial farming.

Legal status. SSAPU is legally registered as a business entity with the Ministry of Justice and the Chamber of Commerce (Registration number: 927).

Membership. SSAPU’s founding members are from all the ten States of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS). Over 4000 members have registered and others are seeking registration. Any South Sudanese farmer from any State is eligible to membership by registration. Annual subscription fee of 200 South Sudanese Pounds shall apply. 

Objective/mission of the NFO

Vision. The vision of SSAPU is to have prosperous and self-reliant South Sudan communities.

Mission: (i) To be a voice, lobby, dialogue, and advocate for SSAPU farmers and built their capacities; (ii) To be a well organised, coordinated and motivated union, efficiently managed serving SSAPU and serving farmers; (iii) to produce enough food crops for the eradication of poverty (iv) To promote self-reliance and contribute to the economic development of the Republic of South Sudan; (v) To increase organisational capacity of SSAPU and membership at all levels.


  • To eradicate poverty and hunger through commercial farming
  • To empower farmers to produce crops, vegetables and livestock and fish
  • To establish training Centre of extension workers for vegetable, fruit, root crop, livestock, fish and agroforestry production farmers.
  • To provide water management information and irrigation systems
  • To seek funding from donors and government for SSAPU projects
  • To institute and implement farming related the projects
  • To provide information on market trade in agricultural produce
  • To engage in research and promotion of floriculture, crop science, aquaculture and animal husbandry and Agricultural trade fairs.
  • To ensure environmental sustainability and climate change information.
  • To develop a global partnership for development.
  • To conduct trainings, workshops and seminars gearing to SSAPU vision.

Strategic Plan (2015-2025): SSAPU's strategic plan is built around four main strategic axes: membership satisfaction and commitment, sustainable funding and professional management, visible and quality products and services to members, and leadership and good governance.

Main activities

a)      Lobbying and advocacy

Define policy and lobby agenda. Policy issues addressed by SSAPU include: the implementation of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), agricultural taxation, feeder roads in the rural areas and access to finance.

Networking. SSAPU focuses on building alliances with other organisations including the South Sudan Business Forum.

Training. SSAPU has experience with training leaders on lobbying and advocacy (e.g. how to generate policy proposals, prepare policy positions, lobby).

b)      Organisational strengthening of SSAPU.

SSAPU has strongly focused in supporting its organisational strengthening through key activities including the following:

  • Hiring three national key staff members: Coordinator, Finance officer and Administration officer;
  • Setting up the SSAPU secretariat (e.g. purchase of basic equipment, renting office space);
  • Financial management capacity building through training to the finance officer on financial management (record keeping), financial reporting, preparing for audits, formulating the accounting manual; awareness on financial literacy;
  • Development of simplified manuals of procedures: human resource manual and accounting manual;
  • Leadership training on good governance, ethics and financial management;
  • Recruitment of staff for grassroots' entrepreneurship program

b)      Membership development and communication

  • Set-up of a membership registry;
  • Review of membership fees for the different segments of the membership;
  • Development of a top-down, bottom-up and horizontal communication strategy;
  • Development of radio programs at different administrative levels and mobilisation through the radio stations;
  • Local membership development through capacity building on rights and obligations, democratic principles, good governance practices of members and groups.


d)      Other services

  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Cooperatives Management
  • Agribusiness Advisory
  • Skills and Resource Management
  • Organisational Governance.  As a union SSAPU acts as a resource and co-learner with those who want to innovate and push the boundaries in their agricultural practise.  SSAPU is a service delivery orgainsation.


Membership to other networks or agricultural platforms

SSAPU is a members of the Eastern African Farmers Federation (EAFF) and of the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC)

International partners:

SFOAP (IFAD, the European Union (EU), The Swiss Development Agency (SDC), the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). SSAPU participates in the Support to Farmers’ Organization in Africa Programme as a member of EAFF.

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provided SSAPU with seven million US dollars on loan to boost agriculture and increase food security in the country.

AGRITERRA. The proposed Agriterra strategy (2014-2015) consisted of the following two main elements: (i) supporting the national farmers’ organisation in terms of policy development, lobby and advocacy and in the structuring and membership development of the farmers’ movement towards local level, (ii) supporting the grassroots organisations in an upwards dynamic towards the top.


SSAPU. SSAPU Profile, 2015. Available here