Seychelles Farmers Association (SeyFA)




Address o the organisation: 2nd Floor Grosvenor House, Pointe Larue, Mahe, Seychelles

General e-mail address:

Phone number: + 248 4374357

Name of the President or elected Chairperson: Mr. Serge BENSTRONG

E-mail address of the President or elected Chairperson:

Phone number of the President or elected Chairperson: + 248 2591176

Name of the Secretary, Manager or Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Mrs Petrina Marie (National Coordinator)

E-mail address of the Secretary, Manager or CEO:

Phone number of the Secretary, Manager or CEO: +248 2811031


Social Media: Facebook 

Geographical coverage

Geographical coverage: National

Foundation and nature of the organisation

Date of creation: 15th of October 2002

Context of creation: SeyFa was originally formed on the 15th October 2002 as a platform for livestock farmers in Seychelles. However, following strong interest by other crop, SeyFa’s constitution was amended in 2003.

Legal status:  SeyFa is registered as an association under the Association’s Act.



Member organisations N/A

Individual farmers members

Number of individual farmers/rural producers members:115 Members

Type of members: Smallholders, small scale farmers

Number of individual women farmers/rural producers members: 35 Women farmers



Governing Bodies: SeyFA has two governance organs and one management structure: the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the Executive Committee; and the National secretariat respectively.  

Organization: please see here.



Strategic plan:SeyFa action is guided by the following strategic pillars (2012 - 2017 plan): (i) Trade and Marketing; (ii) Food security and Sovereignty; (iii) Institutional and organizational strengthening; (iv) Gender and youth.

Objective/s of the FO: SeyFA has 3 goals: (i) To ensure that SeyFA’s capacity to fulfil its mandate is developed and is adequate; (ii) To support farmers to contribute more meaningful to national food security through improved access to the necessary resources, better government policies and sustainable agricultural practices; (iii) To empower farmers to understand, sustain and influence markets of agricultural produce at the national level.

Mission and Vision of the FO:

Vision. A vibrant, prosperous and profitable farming community to contribute meaningfully to food security, food sovereignty and economic growth in Seychelles. Mission. SeyFA has the following mission: represent, lobby and advocate for farmers’ interests in order to influence the development of policies so as to achieve sustainable profitability and become stable agricultural producers; SeyFA is founded on the following values and principles; (i) voluntary membership, (ii) democratic control by members, (iii) transparency in all operations, (iv) responsibility and honesty, (v) addressing matters on merit and not on party-political approach, (vi) no discrimination based on race, colour, creed, religion, gender or farm size.



Main areas/sectors of intervention: Provision of economic services (trade and marketing); Lobbying and representation

Main activities:

Provision of economic services

·     Business development. To support trade and marketing initiatives and activities, in 2008 SeyFA created the Seychelles Farmers’ Marketing Cooperative (SFMC). In particular, the SFMC was created with the following objectives: (i) To promote and develop co-operative ideals among the farming community for the betterment of the farmers’ socio-economic development; (ii) To process, market and distribute agricultural products and their by-products for the mutual benefits of the members; (iii) To provide members with an appropriate outlet for disposal of their produce thereby allowing more time for production activities; (iv) To procure and distribute to farmers all types of agricultural inputs required, which will also include plant and equipment for hiring to members (learn more by clicking here);

·       Seychelles Agricultural Partnership. SeyFA launched the Seychelles Agricultural Partnership (SAP) in February 2011. SAP is a Public-Private-Partnership consisting of public institutions, private companies and national and international organizations coordinated and managed by SeyFa. It aims at strengthening the collaborations amongst key partners and helping address interconnected issues in the value chain. Under the SAP, Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) were signed with key stakeholders (e.g. Lungos (civil society), National Consumers Forum (NATCOF), Seychelles Trading Company Ltd (STC), Ministry of Natural Ressources (MNR), Seychelles Agricultural Agency (SAA) and Feeds Producers). To learn more on the SAP, please click here.

·       Promotion of local products. SeyFA managed to get some of the hotels in the country (e.g. Hilton Seychelles) to commit to use local produce from small-scale farmers;

·        Creation of a commercial entity. With the support of the Support to Farmers’ Organisations in Africa Programme (SFOAP) and in the framework of the first pillar of their strategic plan (trade and marketing), SeyFa is implementing a project for the establishment of a commercial entity. The initiative aims to improve farmers position, obtain better services for the purchase of inputs and enhance their credit worthiness and marketing of produce. The enterprise will be a private business organisation jointly owned and controlled by members.

Lobbying and representation. SeyFa held a High Level Multi-stake holders Forum in July 2014 and managed to ensure the participation of the Minister for Natural Resources, and other high level delegations.

Main products of members: Crops (Fruits, Root Crops and Vegetable), Honey and Livestock (Layer, Broiler, Beef and Pork).  



Main partners: Aadicon Biotechnologies Limited, Agence Française de Développement (AFD), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), European Union (EU), Livestock Feed Ltd (LFL), Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC), Clissa

Main projects:

·       Support to Farmers’ Organisations in Africa Programme (SFOAP) (2013-2017) (IFAD, EU, SDC, AFD financing), a capacity building programme supporting the institutional development of farmers’ organisations.  SeyFa participates in the SFOAP as a member of the Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU);

Membership in other organisations: SeyFA is a member of the Eastern and Southern African Farmers Forum (ESAFF), SACAU and the Initiative Régionale Agroécologie Changement Climatique (IRACC).


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Last update: September 2016